Legacy Insurance - ID Theft


What is it

Every hour of the day, criminals use tricks and sophisticated tools to try to break into people’s email, internet banking and records. Once they have them, an individual’s vital information – possibly even credit card numbers – can be used anywhere in the world.    

How we can help

Don’t run the risk of becoming a victim of fraud and identity theft. Legacy can facilitate obtaining identity theft coverage for you to protect your vital information, and keep you from having to spend countless hours trying to restore your credit and good name.  

What is covered

Recovering from identity theft can be costly and time consuming. Even after fraudulent charges have been removed, you may still be looking at thousands of dollars and countless hours to restore your credit rating and reclaim your life. If your identity is ever compromised, our ID theft protection can protect you and assist in recovery., Most policies will: 

  • Pay for expenses incurred in the recovery process.
  • Pay a portion of lost wages and time needed to take off from work as a result of handling your identity fraud claim.
  • Cover attorney fees to defend you against lawsuits resulting from identity fraud.
  • Pay for new loan application fees if you've been refused because the lender received incorrect credit information after identity fraud.
  • Cover notary public, certified mail and long distance communication expenses resulting from identity fraud. 

Speak to our Agents

Enjoy personalized solutions for your unique insurance needs. Our carriers identity theft insurance is generally designed to extend the protection of our homeowners and auto coverage for simple, comprehensive protection. Talk to us to add the ID Theft endorsement to your policy.