Legacy Insurance - Privacy


Our Privacy Policy describes how we utilize your personal information only for purposes of obtaining the insurance coverage that is most appropriate for you. Safeguards relative to the usage, maintenance and storage of this information are in place as noted in the policy. 

Legacy Insurance Agency LLC

Privacy Policy

Legacy Insurance Agency LLC provides personal and commercial insurance coverage to corporate and consumer customers by locating an appropriate insurance provider and binding these policies with the underwriter.  In this process it is necessary that the Agency receive personal information from consumers as is customarily required in the completion of the insurance application and underwriting process.

This policy sets forth the Agency’s policy as it relates to consumer information it receives or maintains in connection with these insurance services.    

  •  Consumer information received by the Agency is limited to the information customarily requested on applications for insurance.    
  • The Agency electronically stores and forwards consumer information it receives on applications to the underwriter for which it is acting as an agent in the transaction.
  • The Agency does not utilize or further transfer consumer information it receives to any other party for any other purposes except as noted, below. 
  • It may engage a 3rd party to perform administrative support services on its behalf such as tracking of non-payments. These arrangements are governed by contracts prohibit the use or transfer of this information by the 3rd party for any purposes other than the insurance policy being underwritten. 
  • The Agency may forward consumer information to multiple underwriters in order to obtain multiple premium quotes and select the most suitable carrier for the consumer.  
  • The Agency may be required to provide consumer information to law enforcement in connection legal proceedings such as a subpoena. 
  • The Agency may contact existing or prospective clients that are referred to the Agency in order to provide insurance products and services. 
  • Any consumer information received is maintained by the Agency with the proper physical, electronic and procedural controls to ensure the proper safeguarding and security of the information. 
  • Drawers and cabinets are locked to prevent unauthorized access. 
  • Building security is maintained to prevent unauthorized entry.    
  • The Agency does not share or forward consumer information to any third party except as expressed in this Privacy Policy.
  • The Agency ensures that only their employees with a job need for access to consumer information are granted the authority to view or access this data. 
  • Unauthorized employee access or use of consumer information may result in employment termination.